Monday, April 20, 2009

Too nice to blog

Well Spring has sprung and with the warm weather I just couldn't be bothered to sit and blog. Yesterday after working all night I still could not come home and sleep because it was GORGEOUS outside. Plants are blooming out in the yard and being our first spring here there is just so much to discover. So much is buried on the debris of last fall that I have to dig around and see what is popping up underneath. So far I have found daffodils and day lillies out by the stonewall with the row of forsythia a bright gold behind it and what looks to be periwinkle along the back fence. There are various rose vines here and there. Trees are budding and blooming everywhere. It took some pruning to get a few of the trees and shrubs to look respectable. They had begun to wander and looked unruly after a year of no one keeping them under rule. I felt the sun baking my skin just slightly and it felt so warm and toasty and left me with a nice pink glow. Kids are on vacation this week and I plan to recruit them like miniature park rangers to help with the rest of the spring clean up outside :)

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