Monday, April 13, 2009

Deja Who?

Working the overnight shift can be disorienting at best. Today I received a call at work from home stating, "Hey, Umm, the kids have school today. I thought they were on vacation. One of the buses just went by."
Ok, I thought so my daughter missed the bus, but my son's was yet to arrive. Great I thought! Working nights, I sleep like some vampire, my life depends on the bus arriving, the children leaving and silence descending upon my domicile. So needless to say school vacations are not kind to my slumber. So two kids out of the house, one who attends in another district still on vaca, one homeschooled who will whine not to do his work since there is still one at home to district him. Thankfully the two at home are as nocturnal as am I staying up all night to attend to their addiction to the soul stealing game of World of Warcraft. I am safe, there will be silence, and I can awake to the sound of the door slamming as my daughter's bus arrives and the sun streaming in the bedroom window through the layers of fabric draped upon them to block the light from my lair.
But no! Not today. The day does not go as planned. I awake a half hour before my daughter slams the door, to find my better half still missing. The two teen night raiders are just rousing themselves to the shower after waking at 1pm! He left six hours ago I think. No note! There's always a note! No indication of his plans to return. Our only working vehicle missing from its oil stained spot in our driveway. I think of the past week and the times when he has had trouble breathing and chest pain and think "Dear God, what if he dropped dead at the Walmart?" My better half being a large (and by this I mean huge) statured man. I picture the manager getting one of those scooter things and attempting to scrape him from the cold beige tile. Then he calls for backup! The forklift arrives and they carry him barely breathing to the customer service desk and desperately search for the AED. They ask what they can do to make him comfortable and he calls for some Mt.Dew and is revived! Dew runs through his veins like lightening and he is recharged, renewed and home to meet the bus! This scenario plays through my head as I dial his cell and hear him answer and say "settle down I'm around the corner . I was home, I even came in and spoke to you, you answered me. What did you think happened to me?" I blush and remember the previous dream sequence and snicker. "Oh nothing, I thought you'd been out all day and I was glad I woke on my own to meet the bus in case you didn't make it back" I say.

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