Monday, April 27, 2009

Separation anXiety

Well April Vacation is over and today the little blue bus came for Jacob while I was still away at work on night shift (three days left and counting). Apparently Jim put him on the bus and there were big tears and drama. Its two hours into the school day and no calls home but I can only think my sleep will be interrupted by noon so I have yet to attempt it. Jim is off on a job interview and I wish him the very best even though it means big changes for our routine and I can only hope Jake will tolerate the change. He's done so well with all of our changes lately, a new house, a new school, and now "dah-di" will be going off to work. Here's to hoping the "dah-di" will be here in the morning and the "Momma" can find someone in the afternoon. Childcare for special needs children is few and far between. There are only two dedicated special needs child care facilities that I have come across in our state and they are both more than 30 minutes away.
As a pediatric private duty nurse you would think I could find a good respite provider..but no.

Someday... maybe I will start a special needs before and after school program or even a daycare. Then I can tell tales about the "old days" when children were discriminated against because people did not understand their behavior or were thought of as a liability.

Someday ...parents of special needs children will no longer have to give up their jobs and financial stability and their careers because they can't find anyone to assist them in caring for their children.

Someday... the state and government will realize that it is far cheaper to assist in the care of a group of children than it is to supply parents with subsidies to stay home, subsidies that no one could comfortably live on.

Someday... parents won't be working opposite shifts at work and opposite shifts at home caring for their children in an exhausting tag team match because there will be a place they can turn that is safe and reliable, understanding, and trustworthy. Until that day....parents will continue to do the amazing.

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  1. I hear you! When the kids were much younger, I worked part-time, opposite shift of my husband, and my mom would also help out when our shifts crossed. Now, with my teaching job, if it weren't for my mom be so available and willing, I don't know what I would do. We've got NOTHING here.


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