Thursday, June 11, 2009

New hope

Have you ever gone to some job interviews and you feel like you are digging down for any tidbit to drag out to showcase your talents and came up short? And then there are other interviews where it is like you are in a room where everyone speaks exactly the same language to the point that you really could communicate telepathically? Where the interviewers thoughts spark yours and yours theres and its like business sex. The give and take being so intense and fitting so perfectly well together that you cannot imagine yourself not being with this person, these people in some strange menage a mind-meld? That is what my interview was like yesterday. It was like going back to the womb and being accepted and welcomed and so entirely at peace. I pray I find myself going there and doing wonderful amazing things.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

And baby makes three...

No, I'm not pregnant! For goodness sake I have my hands full enough. But it got your attention didn't it. What am I talking about then? I'm referencing the fact that my daughter's newest educational evaluation shows she has learning disabilities. That makes three. Up until recently her school progress has been up to par in every subject but math. So..from what the evaluators explained her IQ has been sufficient to get her through previous years but now she is at a point where her IQ level is staying the same and the subject matters is increasingly difficult. Sigh....the saying we can't pick our parents comes to mind and I feel like I have failed my children genetically. Here I sit having graduated college cum laude and sigma theta tau as a single mother of three and my legacy to my children is a genetic defect that causes them to struggle intellectually in a way I cannot even conceive of. Now comes the task of learning how to help my child learn.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sweet Serendipity

Well as hokey as that God shuts a door and opens a window saying is...I guess things like that do happen. Today I was just randomly checking my email after deciding the bills in my real mail were just too depressing to contemplate and Wahlah! It seems I applied for a job months ago when I was tired with the horrible schedule my job at the time offered. I never heard from them, and chalked it up to the economy, karma, what have you. I took a crappier job with a crappier but more regular schedule, left that job because it was insanely impossible and unsafe only to return to my good job with the crappy schedule. Just minutes before checking my email, I had passed by my refrigerator glanced at my incredibly life-sucking schedule and sighed and thought, I like the work, not the hours. I kept repeating that as my mantra. I like the work, not the hours. I am lucky to have enough work. I said it like it was a religious chant. And then came the Wahlah...a random email saying I had applied for a position, they had a hiring freeze, the freeze has thawed, can I come to interview in three days? For a job with a daytime Monday through Friday schedule working with other well respected medical professionals??? Hmmm, couldn't hurt to take a peak and see if the grass is greener or if life would find its way toward normal should I entertain their promises. My mind is wandering to days with a normal routine and my kids knowing when they would see me next spending weekends at home more often than away. Could this be seems so impossible. There must be a catch.