Monday, April 13, 2009

Eggstra Special

Hunting eggs Easter Sunday with Jake was Eggstra Special. Of course it wouldn't be Easter in New England if it were not freezing cold with whipping wind and a yard that looks like a pro football game occurred during a down pour just moments ago. It also wouldn't be April without the springtime colds and giant gobbs of green boogers that accompany them. So after much nose wiping, and dressing Jake in what appeared to be Eskimo gear we head out to search for the elusive plastic egg filled with goldfish crackers. Yes thats right crackers! Jake being autistic has his idea of delicious and sadly it does not include chocolate, or ice cream or any of the other tasty treasures that make his mother's hips so comfortably soft. After witnessing the contents of the first found egg Jake's eyes lit up. Could it be that some great being descended upon the front yard and deposited my life sustaining food choice??? Each egg found after that was pure nirvana with the ever nonverbal Jake mustering up a "Wooooooooooow!" Of course not trusting that the universe would be consistent Jake opening each and every subsequent egg to be sure the contents would be the same. This continued until the green goo eminated from his nose reached his chin and he was sufficiently shivering. And with that a basket full of opened eggs, a heart full of pure joy, and a mouth full of crackers, Jake's egg hunt was complete.


  1. LOL - we put goldfish crackers in Quinn's egg hunt eggs, too! Thanks for visiting our blog and for the nice, sympathetic comment.

  2. Why, oh, why did I not think of this?! Monkey loves the chocolate but I can't stand giving him so much of just leaves him begging for "eggs? EGGS?" and drooling chocolate goo (on my curtains no less, I guess we need to work on the concept of NAPKINS, ahem.) He would have been thrilled with goldfish too *sigh*


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