Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Taking care of me...

In response to my previous post I have decided to stop my whining and take care of myself!! I can't expect anyone else to care about me more than I care about myself right! Sooo....I have decided that the best way to take care of myself is to tell my current employer to stick it!

Don't panic the only working member of my family I am not just going to go jobless! Holy hell that would be nuts! I'm just going back to the job I had full time before I went temporarily insane and went part time there to go full time at a job who could care less about me. Sometimes the grass is not always greener and sometimes leaving a job you love to make more time for your ex husband (who you anything but love)'s B******t is not the best move. Seriously what was I thinking, work night shift to spend time in court with that fool????

So here I sit contemplating life...deciding to take care of myself and go back to a less stressful job, with better health benefits...and somewhat less cash because well, they were my second job, which will now be nonexistent. My first husband found himself laid off last second husband is on disability because he really is certifiable..not by my say so but because the federal government has deemed him nuts..and my wonderful fiance who left his job to care for my son has found that a budget freeze in this wonderful economy of ours prevents him from working at his previous job. And still I think I need to take care of myself...spend time with my family..and live with less.

So we have crappy clothes, we stay in rather than go out, we watch from the sidelines as friends and family go on marvelous vacations..and we stay home and live happily ever after with smaller tales to tell, fewer miles on our tires and bigger smiles on our faces.

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