Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Splish Splash

Well today the warm weather inspired me to attempt to fix our hot tub. I know wah wah poor girl with a hot tub. We moved into our house that had been vacant for about a year in February when the entire yard, hot tub and pool were covered in about two feet of snow! We were told by the realtor it needed to have the heater replaced and were given the part by the owner. Now most folks would have called the nearest spa repair place....not us. We're broke from the move and well as nice as it is to have a hot tub, its not nice to pay to fix it. We're intelligent people I thought. We can do this. How hard could it be. Hmmmm, 1. out old heating element, 2. enter new heating element, 3.reconnect. 4.Find power source, 5.fill tub turn on. And then the moment we've all been waiting for, the whoosh of the jets that would signal that sweet massaging relief would be close at hand. And then it happened... up from the ground like a geyser we have a new fountain on our deck. Yep fountain, the kind you see at Disney world with the ten foot shooting arcs of water spraying in every direction. Maybe I should just figure out a way to time it to music and strobe lights and go with it. It will be like a giant water feature on our deck. One small little "o ring" seal turned a beautiful spa into the worlds biggest sprinkler. Note to self...always call a professional because sometimes a repair guy with plumbers crack is a genius.

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