Thursday, April 23, 2009

A new intervention

Today we take Jake to Woburn to get his new orthotics. The wonderful therapist at IAM orthotics and prosthetics was able to fit Jake in just minutes with some nifty foam rather than casting his feet. Today we'll get his orthotic inserts for his sneakers to help with his pronation of his ankles and the dropping of his arches. Jake has the prader willi phenotype of Fragile X which has caused him to be overweight. Seriously he doubled his weight once that part of the syndrome kicked in. So the added weight plus his perpetual bouncing has really not helped his feet. I am hoping these help to correct it. A new house with a big yard and a pool will hopefully help the weight gain. Orally stimulating chew toys have helped his obsession with eating. I can't help but think that for the last two years in our old apartment he was like veal! Truly kept in a small space with no way to work off the food he is drawn to. Having such intense social anxiety he wasn't able to enjoy activities at parks or playgrounds. Now that we have conquered the fear of uneven walking surfaces and can even walk on grass barefoot I have big hopes that this spring and summer my little chubba bubba will slim down :)

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