Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Taking care of those who take care of others

Ok, the other day I was convinced to work midnight until noon due to someone's scheduling mix up. Now everyone makes mistakes and I am willing to help out my coworkers when the need arises if I can. I had been fighting a cold and with April vacation I have had less than adequate sleep so a 12 to 12 shift was not ideal. 11:30am I could not hold up my head and could barely see the medication I was giving. Dangerous right! So...I go home and stayed awake so I could see my children....because it was my birthday and that's what makes me happy on my birthday. So now I am sick with lymph nodes the size of golf balls under my chin, a fever and coughing blood. But can I take a day of to nurse myself? No. Can I go to a doctor to get medication for myself? No. Why in the world not you ask? Well because the skinflint that owns the company I work for doesn't give sick time or health benefits to the staff of his facility until they have been there 90days and I am at 80 days! So I spend my days caring for those with pneumonia and holding the hands of my dying patients but can't even get a cheap discount antibiotics because I cannot afford to privately pay for the ten minute appt with my doctor to get a generic antibiotic! Why not give those who care for others the resources to help them stay strong and healthy enough to continue to care for others???What a system. Where is universal health care. God I would take a pay cut as a nurse to know I wouldn't work shorthanded or work sick ever again!

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