Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Unjustice System

Ok, bye now people reading this now that I am the mother of three children and one soon-to-be step-child from three marriages. While that sounds pretty strange I'd like to explain a few things. When I first married we were very young, we found we weren't compatible, we parted bitterly, and now that we are older and wiser have become friends.

Going into a second marriage one tends to be cautious and more committed because no one wants to make the same mistake twice or bring their children into a situation that may not be permanent. But NO ONE goes into a marriage to a person expecting that person to have a total personality change due to mental illness. But sometimes it happens. Schizophrenia hits young adult men suddenly from out of nowhere. And one year into my marriage I found myself with a newborn son who appeared to have a yet to be discovered disability (fragile X) and a husband who seemed to be leaving reality and sanity by the wayside some days. So like any caring wife I begged for my husband to seek help and of course he blamed each therapist for not having the right answer and not telling him what he wanted to hear. Each medication didn't work because it wasn't the high he got from stuff he sought on the street. He began to recall conversations that never took place, his behavior became erratic and dangerous, he lost jobs, committed crimes and when he finally became assaultive to myself and my oldest two children I had to end the relationship.

So here I am a few years later. At first he was granted no visitation, then supervised, then unsupervised for short periods of time and now he wants overnights. My ex has not improved much at all and is now requesting overnight visitation with my son. My son has had a guardian ad litem appointed due to the constant irrational and unfounded accusations my delusional ex has made against me. All of these of course have been proven false and thankfully the court is now aware of his diagnosis and discounts his outrageously delusional ravings.

June 1st I have to go to court at his request because he wants to spend overnight visits with my child. I ask you friendly readers of my rant...would you let a person care for your child if they were on social security for a psychotic disorder, had a criminal record of multiple assaults and theft, were a registered sex offender, were a non compliant diabetic who could slip into a coma at any moment because his blood sugar is frequently 500 and whose live in girlfriend caused your child second degree burns while working as his paraprofessional at school? I'm pretty sure every single one of you replied OF COURSE NOT! He is not even able to volunteer at my son's field day at school because he cannot pass the CORI check.

According to the court it is my ex husband's God-given right to overnight visitation with his child due to his "biological" connection to our son. I'm sorry but I hardly see how DNA trumps criminal and psychotic behavior? Maybe this country really does have too many freedoms. The guardian ad litem actually suggested I let him "attempt" overnight visitation and "fail" at it while under the "watchful eye" of the court. WHAT? What does "fail at it" mean for my son! Is the court's "watchful eye" going to be there when they find my nonverbal, severely disabled child who cannot express his needs dead because his father passed out and my son fell to his death? "Watchful eye!" My son doesn't need a watchful eye, my son needs constant one on one supervision by someone who can at the very least take care of themselves.

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