Friday, May 1, 2009

Guilt..guilt and more guilt.

Well...they tried to get me to stay at my night job and I attempted it...and it made me sick. So is it wrong to leave if the place is making me sick?? Really the only reason I stayed is to help them out...and they have been shmucks. Why is it that carriers of Fragile X have that guilt that comes from nowhere? My mother has it. I always thought it was just from being raised Irish Catholic but then reading up on Frag X I found that female carriers have a common issue with guilt. I mean feeling bad about something that no one else but you would feel bad about. Like leaving a job thats treated you like dirt or feeling you are letting your coworkers down when more than likely they will forget you before your car is out of the parking lot. Or thinking you aren't doing enough for your family when really you do so much. Any other Frag X moms out there every experience such a thing.

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