Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Tracing

This morning Jacob got a notebook, a pen, and placed his hand on the paper and began to trace it. I imagine this might have been something done in school to make the traditional handprint turkey. The fact that school has been out for two days and Jacob initiated this one his own and enjoyed it is a HUGE step for Jacob. Previously he had no interest in writing or artwork of any kind, also he would rip paper, or make marks on objects such as the sofa, or newly painted walls. But this...this is GOOD...this is PROGRESS. I am so amazed and proud. Now to parents of a typical child, a turkey hand tracing by a six year old is just common place. But to those of us with Fragile children...this is just huge. Disclaimer....the pictured handprint turkey is not Jacob's we did not get this involved at the breakfast table.

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