Sunday, November 15, 2009

Conquering Textures!

Whoohoo! We conquered some textures today. Jacob has been on strike against any rice or noodle product for three years! I can understand the noodles now that we know he has Celiac. Maybe that was just instinctual but even when we make gluten-free noodles, he's resisted. And he used to beg for rice when we would go out to Chinese restaurants. Then all of sudden at three he began gagging and refusing certain textures. These included rice, pasta, vegetables unless they were pureed, scrambled eggs.

Today, VICTORY!!!

Jacob ate Golombki for lunch. Its a polish food that is hamburger, rice and onions mixed with a bit of tomato sauce and wrapped in boiled cabbage with a little more tomato sauce and a sprinkle of cheese. He ate two large golombkis. Maybe because the filling tastes like pizza his favorite food. I use a lot of garlic. Or maybe his polish gene finally kicked into gear :) Or maybe the Zoloft is helping with this as well. I tried giving him a piece of the cabbage with no meat because he has always like meat. He at it. I gave him a big slippery, stringy piece thinking for sure it would get rejected, fully expecting him to gag, and NOPE. Then hamburger that had a lot of rice in it, he begged for MORE. ??????????Go figure. Whatever has changed I LIKE IT.

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