Thursday, June 11, 2009

New hope

Have you ever gone to some job interviews and you feel like you are digging down for any tidbit to drag out to showcase your talents and came up short? And then there are other interviews where it is like you are in a room where everyone speaks exactly the same language to the point that you really could communicate telepathically? Where the interviewers thoughts spark yours and yours theres and its like business sex. The give and take being so intense and fitting so perfectly well together that you cannot imagine yourself not being with this person, these people in some strange menage a mind-meld? That is what my interview was like yesterday. It was like going back to the womb and being accepted and welcomed and so entirely at peace. I pray I find myself going there and doing wonderful amazing things.


  1. Love your phrase "business sex". LOL. I do get what you mean. I don't know if this job worked out for you, but I hope you find a great job soon with co-workers you can have "business sex" with on a regular basis!

  2. Yes, thank you, it did work out very nicely. I start Monday :)


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